Monday, November 29, 2010

What's for Dinner, Mom?

How many times in your life have you heard that so far? While Parker's to young to do anything but cry when he's hungry, Caden has definitely started letting me know that he's hungry, and usually has an opinion on what he wants to eat! Actually, if I let him, his entire diet would consist of fruit and sweets... (thanks to all of his Grandmas!) Thankfully, he still somewhat listens to me when I tell him that he needs to eat his veggies. I've even gone as far as packing him fruit to take places so that no one is tempted to buy him sugary snacks lately! I have a feeling I'm going to have to be that much stricter with Parker so he doesnt develop his brothers bad habits!

Thankfully, I received a boatload of feeding products from Infantino recently. Just the things to start our kid's new healthier lifestyles! Included were the Fresh Food Mill, Freeze Tray, the Mash and Serve Bowl, the Steam Release Micro Dish, the Fill & Freeze Puree Pops, the Stackable Food Pots, and the Double Decker Meal Box. Not only do I have the tools to make my kids healthy meals now, I also have the products needed to store and take the foods with us!

One of the products that interested me the most where the Fill & Freeze Puree Pops. Not only was Caden a horrible teether at times, I love the idea of giving him "healthy" popsicles!

"Sucking on something cold will help soothe sore gums when your baby is teething. These ice lolly moulds are ideal for making fresh fruit lollies from pureed fresh fruit and pure fruit juice.
-Perfect for soothing sore gums during teething
-Easy to hold handle for babies and toddlers
-Helps soothe tender gums
-Includes four puree pops
-Freezer and dishwasher safe
-BPA Free "

I'm also SUPER excited to try out the Double Decker Meal Box when I go back to work in a few weeks! I will be packing Cadens lunch each morning, and the Double Decker Meal Box seems like the perfect thing to pack it in!

"This Food Box & Flask is perfect for storing baby purees and finger foods. The double layer storage box ensures that food doesn’t get squashed and with a spoon & fork included, it’s easier to feed your baby when you are out and about.

-Removable, microwaveable food containers?
-Easy pop-out design
-Includes 2 single-serve microwavable dishes, 2 large compartment storage containers and 2 plasticware spoons
-Dishwasher safe
-BPA free "

I can't wait till Parker is eating purees so that I can REALLY try the other products  I received! I especially look forward to using the mill! What awesome products from Infantino to keep my boys eating healthy!

“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.”

Adventures in Breastmilk Storage

This is the first time that I've breastfeed successfully. Actually it's the first time I've even REALLY tried. It's been over five weeks, and while it's had it's ups and downs, we're still doing it! But I go back to work (or rather start a new job) in a few weeks, and I'm a little worried on how continuing breastfeeding will work out. I've tried to pump here and there to start a stash, but it's EXPENSIVE to keep buying those little baggies! I know, I know, your sitting there thinking, "it's cheaper than buying formula!" and your right. It's just that I, personally, hate spending money at all! So I began researching other storage solutions.

One of my friends mentioned breastmilk freezing trays. They're like ice cube trays but instead of cubes they make long cylinder ice cubes that you can then stick in a freezer bag. When I heard of this cheaper option, I decided to give it a try. Only problem though was finding them! None of the stores near me, including Babies R Us and big chain stores, carried the breastmilk tray. Thats when I realized that it didn't have to be THAT exact tray! A few weeks before I had received a box of babyfood making supplies from Infantino to review. Included was a tray to freeze purees in. Each cube held one oz of food. Perfect for freezing breastmilk!

About the Freeze Tray:

"This small Food Cube Tray is perfect for freezing small portions of your baby’s food. By preparing food in batches and freezing it in the food cube tray, you need only cook once or twice a week.

-Freeze and store your freshly prepared baby food

-Includes nine 1 oz. food cubes in meal portion size

-Freezer and dishwasher safe

-BPA Free "

I've been using the Freeze Tray ever since. I love it! It's made out of silicone and is super bendy, which makes it easy to get the cubes out and into the freezer bag. I also love that it has a lid, I'm less likely to spill the "liquid gold".

Eventually, I will use the tray for baby food making as well, and I know I will love it just as much then! It's a great product by a great company, one that I will definitely be recommending to ALL of my pregnant friends! (seriously, theres been a pregnancy BOOM around here!)

“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.”

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Smelllllll

I've got it. The smell... the New Mom Smell. You know the smell. It sneaks up on you between the dirty diaper changes and the time of the day when the babys tummy was upset and he spit up on you. Some of us even have some Old Mom smell mixed in. My smell is one of those... My New Mom smell usually has a mix of fruit snacks and juice to it, thanks to my toddler. :)

While I love that I have wonderful children to make me smell OH-SO-LOVELY, I hate that I have such a hard time finding time to get rid of the smell! They never want to nap at the same time and my 5 week old is CONSTANTLY hungry. When am I suppose to get time alone to eat, let alone shower or brush my hair?

Recently, Evenflo launched a couple of new installments in their Savvy Parent video Series, "New Mom Smell" to show how Savvy Parents find time to get rid of their stink! Check out the video to see how these smart parents use the Evenflo ExerSaucer to help their babies learn while also knowing that they are safe and secure if mommy needs to accomplish a quick task! In fact, 30% of parents put their child in an activity center like the ExerSaucer while showering!

Stay tuned to see other new videos in Evenflo's Savvy Parents video series and also for a giveaway!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Packing it Up!

I am now at 8 days and counting on going back to work after a 2 year SAHM stint. Which means that Caden and Parker will be heading off to Grandma's during the day. Which in turn means that Caden needs a new backpack to pack away all of his precious valuables that he "NEEDS" to take with him. :)

So I'm on the manhunt for an awesome pack for my little man. I've checked out a few stores around here, but I've had more luck online. Some of my favorite children's backpacks are on They have a great selection for boys and girls, cute decorated ones... not the plain colored ones of my day!

These three are top contenders for Mr. Caden:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tiny Prints Christmas Cards

Christmas cards- A Christmas tradition on our household. Every year in November I search the stores for perfect matching outfits for a yearly family photo and then every year I search the internet for a fantastic Christmas card to send out to those near and dear to us. It's a laborsome project, but one that I've been told over and over again is appreciated by those who receive them. Especially those aunts and uncles who don't normally get copies of my children's photos.

And so its begun yet again this year. But this time, finding that PERFECT Christmas card wasn't so hard. Why not, you ask? Because I received some mail. And in that mail was a magazine. A magazine FULL of beautiful Christmas cards. "Who sent me this wonderful Christmas Card magazine?" you wonder. Well let me tell you...

Oh man, these cards are gorgeous. And creative. So so so creative are these wonderful designers. So creative that they've came out with a circular hanging Christmas card! I'm in love. I can't help it. They've touched this mommy of two, who loves everything different.

So this year, all those loved ones I love so much, will receive CIRCLE hanging Christmas cards featuring our family. And I'm keeping one. I dont care if I have to bump someone off of my receiving list. (Sorry in advance if you thought you were going to receive one and didnt!) And, I believe this new kind of Christmas card will be a new Tradition for the E family!

(CHECK OUT OUR CHRISTMAS CARD TEMPLATE! So cute right??? Except I dont know that girl, so ignore her, and picture 2 beautiful boys, one big crazy dad, and one stttrrreessseeed out mom!)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Wearers: Question!

Parker is now almost 4 weeks old and I'm beginning to venture into babywearing but I'm having a little bit of trouble. I have a ring sling that I'm trying to use but I'm having getting Parker into it comfortably. I've watched a couple of videos on getting him into, using the football hold, but my arms are so short that I can't really do it properly and he ends up with his head smooshed into the rings!

So my question for you, dear readers, is... Are there any videos that really helped you ring sling it in your beginning days? Or are there instructions you can give me to make it a little easier? Especially with having little 22 month old Caden, it would help me so much to have my hands free... but Parker doesn't like to be put down!

Thank you in advance for anyone who helps me!

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

One of my favorite traditions of the Holiday season is Christmas cards. Every year my mom hung all of the cards that we received, as we received them, somewhere in our home. As I've grown older, I have continued this tradition, as well as send out my own cards to those I love.

The best part of sending out my own Christmas cards is designing my own. I love love love sending out photo Christmas cards with lots of pictures from that year! What place is better to use then Shutterfly??? The selection of beautiful cards they offer is wonderful and the quality can't be beat.

I have already begun designing our Christmas cards for this year through Shutterfly. I've chosen to use the With Love Chartreuse design. Included in the pictures I will use are family pictures, Parker's newborn photo, and a picture of my two boys together! I cannot wait to share my beautiful photo cards with my family!

Shutterfly also offers a great selection of photo products that make fantastic Holiday gifts! I've ordered photo calendars for my mom and mother in law and have been eyeing the coffee mugs for my dad! Also if you use the code Ship30 you can get free shipping on all orders over $30!

Make sure to keep Shutterfly in mind this Holiday season
for both cards and gifts.
You will not be disappointed!

Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Gift That Gives Twice

Do Good. Gift Great.
American Express’ Children’s Health Fund Gift Card

American Express has created the Children’s Health Fund Gift Card, a gift that gives twice: once to the recipient and once to charity.

For every card sold, American Express will donate the $3.95 purchase fee to Children’s Health Fund, a leading pediatric provider of mobile-based health care for homeless and low-income children and their families. Children’s Health Fund is dedicated to bringing health care directly to those in need through the development and support of innovative medical programs, response to public health crises, and the promotion of guaranteed access to health care for all children.

The Children’s Health Fund Gift Card from American Express will be available for purchase online by clicking here.

Unlike some other gift cards, American Express Gift Cards have no fees after purchase -- no fees for activation, no fees for checking a balance, no fees for monthly servicing, no fees for card replacement, and the funds on the cards never expire. The cards come in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $200.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Parker William

Born on October 19th, 2010

at 2:16 pm

Photo by Ciley Asburry

weighing 8 lbs 9 oz

and measuring 21 in long!

Proud Big Brother Caden!