Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Outdoor Fun

Spring is coming and now that I have a 2 year old who loves the outdoors, I'm beginning to look at items that would make being outdoors a little more entertaining! The main items I've been researching lately are swing sets, but there are sooo many options I can't make any decisions!
Do I want wood, plastic or metal? Should I look for a set with monkey bars? (we loved them as kids but I can also vividly recall my sister fracturing her arm one summer when she fell from them!) I haven't even began looking at the forts, rock climbing walls, and all the other crazy awesome options!

CSN's Swingsetsandmore.com has been a fantastic site to check out some of my options. I've found a couple great sets that I would love to own, including the one I will likely be getting!
While it's outside of my price range (but still a FANTASTIC deal) I do love this Swing and Slide wooden set! A steal at $949.99

I also found a Step2 set that would be perfect for us right now. It would fit nicely in our fenced in side yard. (seperating the boys from access to the lake!) I also love the look of it! It's not to shabby either at $599.99.

What are your thoughts? Those who already own swing sets, what type do you have and what are the pros/cons? I would love to get the boys a swing set for the warm weather, which will hopefully be here a month or two!