Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Free Christmas Gift!

great offer once again :)
Nomorerack.com is another "deals per day" site. They usually post 8ish deals a day all at noon. Well when you sign up through this link---> nomorerack.com you'll get $10 off a purchase. They have $2 shipping on EVERY item, and most items are between $5-$20. I got Caden two zhu zhu pets for free last week (they came Sat) and Zac Calvin Klein Euphoria cologne for $7 shipped.

(Some people say that they have problems getting the credit to come off of anything under $20. When I do it I add the item I want.. and if it's under $20 add another item that will take the total over $20. Then in either the cart screen or the checkout screen theres a button with the option of using your credit. I push that and then delete the item I dont want. It still keeps your credit subtracted from the total.)