Monday, November 15, 2010

Tiny Prints Christmas Cards

Christmas cards- A Christmas tradition on our household. Every year in November I search the stores for perfect matching outfits for a yearly family photo and then every year I search the internet for a fantastic Christmas card to send out to those near and dear to us. It's a laborsome project, but one that I've been told over and over again is appreciated by those who receive them. Especially those aunts and uncles who don't normally get copies of my children's photos.

And so its begun yet again this year. But this time, finding that PERFECT Christmas card wasn't so hard. Why not, you ask? Because I received some mail. And in that mail was a magazine. A magazine FULL of beautiful Christmas cards. "Who sent me this wonderful Christmas Card magazine?" you wonder. Well let me tell you...

Oh man, these cards are gorgeous. And creative. So so so creative are these wonderful designers. So creative that they've came out with a circular hanging Christmas card! I'm in love. I can't help it. They've touched this mommy of two, who loves everything different.

So this year, all those loved ones I love so much, will receive CIRCLE hanging Christmas cards featuring our family. And I'm keeping one. I dont care if I have to bump someone off of my receiving list. (Sorry in advance if you thought you were going to receive one and didnt!) And, I believe this new kind of Christmas card will be a new Tradition for the E family!

(CHECK OUT OUR CHRISTMAS CARD TEMPLATE! So cute right??? Except I dont know that girl, so ignore her, and picture 2 beautiful boys, one big crazy dad, and one stttrrreessseeed out mom!)

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