Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Smelllllll

I've got it. The smell... the New Mom Smell. You know the smell. It sneaks up on you between the dirty diaper changes and the time of the day when the babys tummy was upset and he spit up on you. Some of us even have some Old Mom smell mixed in. My smell is one of those... My New Mom smell usually has a mix of fruit snacks and juice to it, thanks to my toddler. :)

While I love that I have wonderful children to make me smell OH-SO-LOVELY, I hate that I have such a hard time finding time to get rid of the smell! They never want to nap at the same time and my 5 week old is CONSTANTLY hungry. When am I suppose to get time alone to eat, let alone shower or brush my hair?

Recently, Evenflo launched a couple of new installments in their Savvy Parent video Series, "New Mom Smell" to show how Savvy Parents find time to get rid of their stink! Check out the video to see how these smart parents use the Evenflo ExerSaucer to help their babies learn while also knowing that they are safe and secure if mommy needs to accomplish a quick task! In fact, 30% of parents put their child in an activity center like the ExerSaucer while showering!

Stay tuned to see other new videos in Evenflo's Savvy Parents video series and also for a giveaway!

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