Tuesday, September 30, 2014


What, what?!?! Two post in one day. Overkill right? But I have to share...

He started 6 weeks ago. (Wow, time flies!) He loves it. His teacher, Mrs. B, is awesome with him. I'm amazed at all he is learning compared to the NOTHING he learned in preschool last year. I was already disappointed in some things with his preschool, but now I can't believe I wasted the money sending him. P will definitely go somewhere else.

BUT, back to Kindergarten! He's doing great, always excited to go. His favorite parts are recess and library. Poor guy was already sick one day, which happened to be library day, and he had a meltdown. Awesome teacher that Mrs. B is, okayed taking him down another day to turn in his book and pick out a new one. He is in love with books and reading. I'm so excited about that. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do, so I'm glad to be able to share that with C.

Upcoming in school news, he has his first fieldtrip this Friday and 2nd next Friday. Stay tuned for photos!

While we are on the subject of photos, here are the Kindergarten photos my sister did for us! (Actual school photos are being taken today!)

And one of both boys! Who can believe that P is almost 4?!?! (excuse C's smile. It was a phase...)
and one last one of my boys and niece!

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