Saturday, August 28, 2010

ohhh man.

Today I received one of my first ever negative blog comments. The reader asked why I had stopped sharing about my life and if I'd ever go back to it, instead of being a commercial for companies.  I was shocked to read it at first, and felt I should answer in a blog post... and accompany it with an update. :)

I honestly had no clue that anyone honestly read any of the post about us. I'd get a comment here and there, but all anyone ever REALLY paid attention to was giveaways and reviews. Heck, I'll admit that even I'm guilty of it on other mommy blogs. So I started doing more giveaway/reviews because thats what I thought that you all would want.

I want to thank my anonymous reader for letting me know otherwise. While I have shared a few things lately about the pregnancy, I will make sure to share alot more... about my life in general and the everyday trials that come with it! I will try to make The First Time Around a healthy balance of mommy-life, children information, and the products we use. I've been meaning to get back into this blog... I think you were the push I needed. :)

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