Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Long Overdue Update

Wow... where to even begin? 
I could probably write a blog post on each area of my life lately... 
but I'll try stick to a synopsis! 

Zac and I recently celebrated our two year wedding anniversary! We actually just got back from a mini, kid-free vacation to Indy. We spent the days shopping and the evenings eating. It was HEAVEN. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE CADEN with all of my heart, but it was wonderful to get away with just my husband for some MUCH NEEDED us time.
If you've been reading TFTA for awhile, you should know that I'm expecting our second son in mid-October. The pregnancy has been wonderful, with none of the Kidney/Bladder problems I had with Caden. But let me tell you, being pregnant and having a crazy 18 month old boy is no walk in the park. I'm exhausted at all times of the day. Thank goodness Caden still takes 2 naps a day :) Other than that, I'm drawing near to the end of the pregnancy and CANNOT wait to meet Mr. Parker William. Now if only I'd get the urge to get everything done that I need to!
And last but not least, Mr. Caden. Oh man, that kid. He's HUMONGOUS, nuts, energy packed, and the most loving child I have ever met. He is now 18 months old and wearing 2t/3ts! Seriously... that big! He wore an all 3t outfit the other day and I about cried! Where has my little baby boy gone??? He's also starting to talk up a storm. It's mom this and dad that.... Cars, trucks, vroom, trains, ball (bawwwl), anything boyish he can get to come out of his mouth! His latest thing is dragging me all over the house. He'll grab my hand and start pulling me to wherever he wants to go... most of the time it's for a drink or to his basketball hoop. :) I can't wait till he has a playmate of his own size (Parker eventually), so that it's not just stinky ole' mom!
That pretty much sums us up right now! I'm still a SAHM. I can't imagine being away from my kids. I am thinking about finishing up school though, so that when they start school I'll have something to do! I'm leaning towards a marketing degree instead of the arts now though... what do you think?

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