Friday, August 20, 2010

I need a KING!

Recently, my lovely husband took me on a mini-vacay for our 2nd wedding anniversary. We spent a few days in Indianapolis... our first getaway since our honeymoon. While there, we had a king size bed. Can I just say... it was HEAVEN! So now I'm obsessed with bedroom furniture sets! I need a king size bed!

Upon looking around, I found CSN and They offer a GREAT variety of options at affordable prices! Here are a couple of my personal favorites!

This black set would look FANTASTIC with our green damask print bedding!

This set is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love sleigh beds!
Wildon Home Sahara Bedroom Set

Now that I've shared my bedroom (furniture) fantasies with you,
check out all that CSN Bedroom Furniture has to offer you!

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Anonymous said...

I used to love your blog, and reading snipits of you days w your first born. But now your blog seems to be nothing more than one big commercial...advertising other people's producs. Will you ever go back to sharing w us about your son and your life?