Saturday, April 5, 2014

IPSY- My newest LOVE

New Cassidy fact- I love makeup. I love fashion. I love pampering. AND most of all I love new things, which comes attached to my love for shopping.

One day recently (ok like 4 months ago...) I stumbled across IPSY. IPSY is a subscription service that sends out a monthly makeup bag filled with goodies for $10 shipped. $10 you say? YEP, $10!! So what did I have to lose, right?

I had NOTHING to lose. Best $10 I spend a month (well after I buy coffee... but that's a necessity.) IPSY bag day is my favorite day of the month. It's like a birthday gift every 30 days. That bright pink bubble mailer is PURE happiness. You get my excitement right?

This post is not sponsored, IPSY isn't waiving my $10 of hard earned moolah. I love it enough to tell you all about it all on my own. $10 for a makeup bag of makeup. 'Nough said. Seriously though, there are typically 4 to 6 items in each bag. Some of it is samples but a lot of the items that I've gotten so far are full sized. Which makes it totally worth it, and I haven't even brought up brands yet. I've gotten items from Benefits, Moxie, Be a bombshell, Big Sexy Hair... just to name a few. This is one monthly bill I'm not giving up anytime soon!!

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