Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Her... Again?

You may not remember me. Heck, I wouldn't if I were you. I keep disappearing off the face of this crazy planet. But I have good excuses. (Kinda). Life got busy. I went back to work, full time. I have 4 year old and 2 year old boys. I have a house. I became addicted to Facebook. And Gymboree. And the crazy Gymboree Facebook world. But I've missed this. So I want to try my hand at this again. It's been a while so don't make fun of me.

  The last time I blogged:
- BlogHer was in Chicago.
- I didn't have an iPhone. Or even a smartphone. (GASP)
- I stayed at home with one baby boy.
 - Twitter was just starting, and what the heck was Instagram? Nothing!

 So the bloggie world has definitely changed! But I also want the blog to change as well. I want it to be more personable. I want to talk about my life, and your lives as well. I want to share photos (because my kids are typically pretty freaking awesome...) and then have you link yours as well. I want to share ideas and brainstorm together. And of course, I would love to do product reviews and giveaways, but I don't want it to be ALL about that!

 So let'a do this. Let's work together and help me to relearn this crazy world of mommy blogging! Here it goes!

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