Friday, October 22, 2010

CSN: Man Gifts

Can you believe Christmas is coming up so fast? With less than 50 days to go, I really need to get on my Christmas shopping! One of my favorite sites to frequent for multiple items is I've recently been scouting out their site for gifts for my dear hubby. They have many items that guys would love... from barstools to beer glasses. I'm even thinking about getting my brother a sweet neon sign (probably alcohol related :D ).

Here are a few of the items I'd love to get my husband!

1. The Holland Bar Stoll- to go with a bar and my husbands beer tender!

2. Anchor Hocking 14 Pieve Beer Party Set- to replace our mismatch set from our college days.

3. Flirty Aprons "Kiss the Cook" Men's Apron- every good grilling man needs a little appreciation ;-)

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