Saturday, June 5, 2010

Your Suggestions

As I have mentioned before, I am currently trying to put together a pregnancy and infant event. With all the current products out there, I am a bit overwhelmed! I would love to hear your voices... What pregnancy and infant products would you like to see on The First Time Around? It can be anything; carseats, travel systems, diapers, clothes, formula, breast pumps, ect! I will 100% take your votes into consideration as I talk to companies... and I'm sure it would help to show them exactly what you are interested in!

For voicing your opinions you will receive
one extra entry in the Safety 1st Carseat giveaway!
Please leave your comments in the comment section!


Lisa said...

I would love to see reviews (and giveaways) on more cloth diapers. I'm especially interested in the Rumparooz Lil' Joey diapers. My second child is due in September and I've been thinking about buying some Lil' Joeys...

The Graves Family (Monkey Tales) said...

I would love to see baby carriers. Maybe like the ergo or boba. Also a double stroller

Hippie4ever said...

I'd love to see a review of woven baby wraps like the Storchenweige or Vatania.

I'd also like to see reviews of alternatives to plastics in eating utensils, plates, cups, toys etc.

I have been trying to find my son a boat for the tub and the only ones that I can find are plastic. I finally found and bought a wood one, unfortunately made in China -I took a chance, it cracked and broke apart within ONE use. I am so disgusted! So a wooden or non BPA plastic tub toy, preferably a boat, would be great!

burberryxlover said...

I would love to see reviews on car seats as well as booster seats.

I would also love to see reviews on baby carriers!

Nya's mom said...

I would love to see reviews on baby carriers and travel systems.
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Brie H said...

Maybe a shopping cart cover for the infant things.
For pregnancy I'd like to see the Womb for Two Pregnancy Pillow, belly bars, or a Hot Mama gown.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I'd definitely love to see an Ergo or Moby review (giveaway would be a huge bonus!!). =)