Friday, October 16, 2009

FLUFF BUTT: Wash Routine

One of the most important things to get down when cloth diapering is your wash routine! Each persons is different. Factors to equate are your machines, detergents, diapers themselves, ect. It actually took me a while to figure out my toploader routine... only to move a week ago and have a frontloading HE machine! So I'm currently trying to figure out a new routine!

My toploading routine was...
~ A cold/cold wash with no detergent
~ A hot/cold wash with one of my CD detergents (Rockin Green/Tiny Bubbles/Lil Outlaws)
~ A warm/cold wash with no detergent

Then depending on the day/weather they were either hung outside to dry
or the covers and pockets were layed out in my laundry room
with AIOs, prefolds, and inserts dried in the dryer.

My Frontloading routine... (SO FAR)
~ A cold prerinse no detergent
~ The HOTTEST wash/cold rinse setting with detergent
~ Extra cold rinse no detergent

Then laid out on deck to dry
or the covers and pockets were layed out in my laundry room
with AIOs, prefolds, and inserts dried in the dryer.

I also wanted to include what has worked for others. One of the entry requirements on a giveaway was to share your wash routine.... Here is what I collected!
presoak/rinse in cold, wash hot/cold rinse with detergent, extra cold rinse ~clm817
1 complete cold wash cycle followed by one complete hot wash, both with the same bag of soap nuts. ~M
I run on cold rinse with alittle Baking Soda in there and a little Lemon juice if needed
Then a hot wash with 1/4 cap(of 3x concentrated) Detergent and 2 cold rinses. I put the poopy stained ones in the sun if its nice and the rest usually go in the dryer since we dont have a line ~Justine M
I do a cold wash first then a hot wash with the same amt of detergent, usually the 1/4-1/2 tsp of Country Save. Any stains I spray on lemon juice and wash it regularly. ~ {Mom of 3 Dolls}
since I live in an apt my wash routine is one cold wash/rinse -then hot one with tiny bubbles. ~Brie H
My plan is however: Presoak cold, rinse cold, wash on hot with detergent, than dry unless another rinse cycle is needed. ~Chaotic Kristy
Hot wash and line dry, I use charlies soap too ~Cathy
normal soil: cold/cold, presoak and extra rinse (if extra dirty, i add stain cycle)
heavy soil: hot/cold with extra rinse with rockin green detergent ~Sarah J
prewash cold wash, hot/cold rinse with Charlie's Soap, extra cold rinse. ~Sam and his parents
My wash routine is a little complicated since I have a HE machine without an 'extra water' button. I do an express wash on cool/cold (30 mins) a whitest whites wash on hot (120 mins) and another express wash on cool/cold (30 mins)! ~Cari C
I do a cold rinse, hot wash w/ Rockin' Green detergent and sometimes a rinse. On occasion I add Ecover Fabric Softener to keep things soft. I think I found a link to your giveaway from another blog. Thanks! ~GiGi
We wash everyday. I do not wash his diapers separately. Since we spray rinse them we just throw them in with his clothes. We wash in hot with charlies. ~jsh
my wash routine is: cold rinse; wash in hot w/ rockin green; 2 rinses. line dry if nice out or use dryer for 60 min. this happens every other day for me so I have enough dipes for my 2 girls. ~Jackie at 3littleones
1.Cold rinse wash (with soap) 3.Cold rinse ~Chelsea
Cold soak, cold rinse, warm or hot wash w/ RGD soft rock, cold rinse, hang or dry in dryer ~Crissy
presoak/rinse in cold water, wash in hot with detergent/cold rinse, Sometimes an extra cold rinse. Hang shells to dry and throw inserts in dryer or hang it all on the clothesline. ~Anna
I wash about twice a week. cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse and recently moved from cold to warm extra rinse. I found your blog through following others on twitter and they tweeted your giveaways. ~fancygrlnancy
cold rinse, cold wash w/little detergent, hot wash w/little detergent, hot rinse, hang dry/low dryer ~babeelove
We have a front loader: run a "quick wash" on cold as my rinse, then heavy soil/extra water/extra rinse on hot/cold with vinegar in the fabric softener cup (we have super hard water), then line dry ~CamsShel
I feel like I cheat with my wash routine. The first diapers I bought were smartipants, and their wash instructions are wash in Hot water with insert still in diaper no bleach. Tumble dry no dryer sheets. I pretty much you this on all my diapers unless I have a really messy #2 then I will add an extra rinse at the beginning. ~Rebecca1217
My wash routine is: *Wash every other day. *Start with Cold rinse. *Wash on Heavy Soiled cycle with one of my Top 5 detergent choices (Maggie's liquid soapnuts, Charlie soap, Rockin' Green, Tiny Bubbles or Tide FREE for HE) *Extra rinse for detergents other than Maggie's that doesn't need it) ~Emi
Pre-wash on cold, HOT wash with a tad of laundry soap, COLD rinse, Sometimes Small amounts of vinegar and/or baking soda ..if I am having issues with smelly diapers.. :) ~dotcomkari
dry pail, cold wash no soap or additives, hot wash w/rockingreen soap, cold wash, hang outside to dry whenever possible, hang shells on hangers in the house & put inserts in the dryer when the weather is uncooperative ~Denise
cold wash w/ 1/2tbsp detergent, hot wash w/ 1/2tbsp detergent (Charlie's Soap), extra cold rinse, line dry gro baby shells, dryer everything else, use ecover on gro baby snap-ins as needed washed separately ~Christa
My wash routine is a cold wash with vinegar and then a hot wash with Charlies Soap and some OxiClean, followed by an extra cold rinse. ~Ammie
I use a Wet Pail with water and a small amount of detergent and vinegar. I dump pail contents into washer and then: -Cold Rinse, -Hot Wash/Cold Rinse w/ detergent, -*Sometimes I will throw in an extra rinse, -Hang on Line to Dry (we live in the desert and I can do this 10 months oout of the year!) ~TaylorUSMCwife
1. Cold soak for heavily soiled 2. Heavy duty wash (heavily soiled), hot water, steam clean, extra rinse (takes 2 hours 32 mins in HE washer) I use Planet Detergent or Rockin' Green and I put Bacout in the softener cup. 3. Extra rinse AIO and inserts go in the dryer.. pockets hang to dry :) ~Ashley
I use Charlies soap. I do a cold presoak/wash with a TB of detergent. A hot wash and two cold rinses with a TB of detergent. All fluff goes into the dryer except covers and BG pocket outers which hang in over the shower rod (they are dry in a couple of hours). On sunny days, stained things go from the washer to be sunned on the porch and the stains vanish! ~James, Andrea, and Clara Smith
I do a cold rinse then a hot wash with a double cold rinse. ~Lisa
I wash in hot with no detergent than in warm with charlie soap and finish off with a rinse in cold. I try to dry on the line whenever I can. ~Hippie4ever
My wash routine is pre-soak on cold water. Hot wash with rockin green soap ( smells so yummy and works great for my hard water!) then a cold rinse. Hang covers to dry when I can. Sun stains. ~Team Pitney
I wash twice a week, cold water no extra rinse.~The Fam
I throw them in the heavy wash cycle with hot water and use Trader Joes detergent. I dry the prefolds in the dryer and line dry the covers. ~Emily

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