Monday, October 12, 2009

FLUFF BUTT: Layla Grayce

I recently was given the opportunity
to work with Layla Grayce on a review!
When I found out, I was so excited...
because I LOVE Layla Grayce!

Layla Grayce carries so many things that I would love to own, I could spend HOURS drooling over each category! They carry everything from childrens clothing and shoes to childrens bedding, diaper bags, home decor items, furniture, EVEN mommy items! They also carry some of the top names in each category!

I would LOVE for my bathroom to look like this...and a bed like this one!
Layla Grayce is also one of the reasons that I have to eventually have a girl. While they DO have boy items, I'm absolutely in love with the girlie girl-ness of the girls items!
Check out this pettiskirt...
I would definitely order this crib bedding if I ever get a girl!
So when Layle Grayce asked me if I had anything in mind for the review... I knew exactly what should be included in The Fluff Butt Event! A PETUNIA PICKLE BOTTOM DIAPER BAG! Every great cloth diaper needs a great diaper bag! I've been drooling over these diaper bags since I was pregnant! I chose the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack in Chenille Rose Berry for the review.

From the Layla Grayce website:
"The fragrance of floral and fruit, the tiny tea shop in Sacre Coeur; this chocolate brown and petal pink Parisian inspired wallpaper design in Petunia's soft, plush and substantial chenille will ensure that memory never fades. Petunia Pickle Bottom's chenille line of bags includes soft chenille yarns that are woven in to the fabric in particular designs that provide a soft, plush feel. The boxy backpack diaper bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom features water-resistant lining, convenient zip out changing station with detachable pad for easy cleaning, 4 bottle pockets, removable dirty diaper pouch, a "no more digging" handy key clip, sleek PPB monogrammed plastic wipey case and durable backpack or shoulder straps with chrome trigger snap hooks. Valet clips will attach the boxy backpack to your stroller and are available for an additional cost."

As CBug is getting older, I'm finding it hard to juggle him, a shoulder purse and a shoulder diaper bag. I had heard that a backpack diaper bag made things easier, so I wanted to check it out for myself. I was so excited when the diaper bag arrived just a couple of days after ordering it! I got it right out and packed it for the next day! I met up with friends and wanted to test it out/show it off! (They were all VERY jealous!)LinkI love that the diaper bag has a built-in changing mat that is detachable. I like that it can stay attached for times like changing him on the floor or detach for times when I need it in a restroom while out. (This proved itself VERY handy the other day in the DISGUSTING Babies-R-Us bathroom!) I also like that it has a pocket for diapers in the first compartment. Very handy. One feature that I like but would tweek slightly is the detachable dirty diaper pouch. I love that it is included but I would change it so that it had a PUL lining suitable for dirty cloth diapers. Another thing that I would change is the front closure. It currently has a strip of velcro as the closure halfway down the flap. I find that when I hang my full diaper bag from my stroller, it puckers funny and the top flap sticks out. I would change it so that there is a magnetic or velcro closure near the bottom of the flap. Other than that, this is my DREAM diaper bag! Heck, I can slap a strip of velcro on one of my wetbags as the deattachable dirty diaper pouch and some for the closure, and its all gravy baby! I also want to add that it is SOOO much easier to carry a backpack diaper bag and juggle my purse and baby!
All together, I am very pleased with Layla Grace. They offer quality items that are SUPER cute, all in one great store! Make sure to stop by this month to show them some BIRTHDAY love, and keep them in mind while doing your Christmas shopping!


Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

What a fabulous bag! *Jealous*

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Gorgeous stuff. My daughter would love all that. I will have to check it out and maybe expand her Christmas list.

I like your blog. I found you through Mom Bloggers Follow Group. I am now following and looking forward to reading more.