Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FLUFF BUTT: Weekend Away

I have come to the conclusion that I NEED a new washer.
I'm not just saying it because I WANT one though, I promise!
It's leaked ever since we moved last year.
We stayed at Zac's parents this weekend, and his momma just got a new washer.

I just received some new prefolds from CuddleWuddle.com (Fort Wayne's FINEST diaper company!) and wanted to get them all prepped for use, so I took them with me! (I actually packed almost every diaper we have... I have a fear of running out!) She had told me last time that I could wash there, so I let loose on her new machine :) !! It has the option of cold, cool, warm, or hot water cycles. My old clunker has cold/cold, warm/warm, and hot/cold. Not very helpful when I just want HOT! It was soo nice to wash my diapers EXACTLY how I wanted to. AND guess what...

Sooo, I'm now putting aside money for a new washer.
(and hopefully a dryer.)

I managed to keep Caden in cloth diapers the ENTIRE weekend. We went down for a wedding, so I packed some sposies for Zac's mom to use while we were at the reception. They never got used! A. We came home early... and B. She dove right into using cloth! She even did a poo diaper! It was awesome!

ALSO , Zac changed his first cloth diaper!!!! I was faking sleep this morning when he got Caden up, and the next thing I knew, Caden was in a fresh CLOTH DIAPER! Later, he tried to get out of it again, but said that the morning change was easy! (He's just afraid of getting a pooey one. :( )

SOOO, successful CD weekend.
I washed all the diapers I could before we came home,
so (almost) our entire stash is ready to go!


Jamie said...

Wow, that's great! My hubby still refuses to touch them :) Maybe he'll warm up to the idea of cloth soon. He does like saving the money though!

Denise said...

Congrats!!! Have you seen the washer/dryer giveaway on Facebook from Kelly confidential?