Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FLUFF BUTT: A Question For You!

Ok I would like a little bit of CDing advice from all of you PLEASE!

If your going out for the day, how do you go about CDing?

We live about half an hour from the main part of our city. (where all the malls are, Target, ect.) So when I drive in, I try to get a ton done in one day. With CDing, I feel like i'm packing an overnight bag to take with me instead of just a diaper bag!!

How and what do you pack,
if you're going to be away from the house for the entire day?!?!


Sam and his parents (Angie and Brian) said...

We bring a CD for every 1-1.5 hours we will be away from home. We keep most of them in bag that we leave in the car, but pack the rest in a small bag that we take into stores and restaurants.

Putting 2 bag together can be a pain, but it weighs a lot less than dragging everything everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what the first person said - leave them in the car! Take only what you need to. Often I don't need my diaper bag in the store with me unless I know there is a clean changing area and I need to change a diaper. Otherwise I change in the car and everything stays there.

Good luck on your CD journey!

Sarah J. said...

I pack a big bag and leave it in the car. My son is big, pretty squirmy and the bathroom changing stations are pretty nasty, so I've gotten pretty good at changing him in the car. I will toss a dipe, the portable wipe container (with my cloth wipes) and a small wetbag in my purse for just-in-case.
I always pack a plastic bag to put the dirty diapers in that need to be dumped or rinsed later.
Good luck!

Katie said...

I plan on one CD for every 2 hours (my DD is 1). I also bring along my wet bag and wipes. We just leave any extras in the car.

Pamela said...

I do pretty much what everybody else does...I have a Wonderbag from Happy Tushies that has two separate compartments. I stick my wallet and a dry diaper or two and a ziplock baggie of wipes in the clean side, and use the dirty sides for the dirties.

I take one diaper for each hour we'll be out. I never use them all, and for that I am very thankful.

Once you do it a few times it doesn't seem as daunting.

Brie H said...

I use the bum Genius and I take one for about every 2 hours we'll be out - But I don't take the diaper bag in either - leave it in the car. I have this zipper bag that folds that I stick one diaper in, plasstic bag and my small $1 store wipe holder and put it in my purse. Everytime I change his diaper I change - the next stop i will change out the zip back - take the dirty diap out(its in the plastic bag) and put another clean diaper.

Denise said...

Like everybody else, I mostly leave the extra stuff in the car or if we're going to be away from the car, I put it in the basket under the stroller. I have a bag that stays in the car all the time with a change of clothes & 2 extra diapers just in case.

I pack 1 diaper for every 2 hrs we plan to be gone.

Ammie said...

I really love leaving one diaper bag in our car at all times. I keep two BumGenius diapers in it, plus one prefold and a cheap cover. I never miss these if they aren't in my regular rotation, and the prefold is handy for all sorts of things if I don't use it as a diaper. I also keep some plastic grocery bags, some dry wipes, a sippy cup, a blanket, and a change of clothes in that bag. And it stays in the car. It has been great.

I also bring my real go-to diaper bag, packed with some wipes, a change of clothes, some food, a toy or two, a wet bag, and one diaper for every three hours we'll be gone. Sometimes I leave this bag in the car, too, especially if I'll only be in a store for an hour and don't think Kidoodle needs to be changed.

Fortunately for me, I dislike shopping, and don't spend much time driving around if I can help it. Also, I pack a really light bag for walks we take. (I stuff a diaper and two wipes into a wet bag, and bring along some water and a blanket.)

Good luck figuring it out!

Hippie4ever said...

I take 2 in the diaper bag i carry with me and 5 more in a bag in the car