Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fluff Butt: Out and About

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Today was a busy, busy day. Messy day.

We were suppose to meet Maggie from the local Fort Wayne Cloth Diapering business, CuddleWuddle.com, at 9:30 am. Only my alarm clock never went off... and I woke up 9am when my husbands went off. No big deal right? NOPE. We live 45 minutes away :( . I felt terrible writing the email with my excuse! Good thing she's AWESOME and we're meeting tomorrow morning instead.

After we were suppose to meet with Maggie, we were suppose to meet my college BFF, Marina, and her daughter, Izzy (Caden's Fiance... so what that he's only 6 months old. and she's 2.). After getting there 15 minutes after I was suppose to... I realized that I had forgotten my debit card, cash, and my ID. OH, and how about how my gas light had came on halfway there?!?! UGH. I also forgot formula and shoes for CBug. I'm on the bad mom list today. Good thing I remembered Caden at all... and his 15 million cloth diapers I decided to bring. Also, my husband is a life saver and met me to give me HIS debit card. MUCH LOVE TO Z!

Oh and for the final terrible day story... I just received my Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bag yesterday from Layla Grayce. I was so excited to use it that I packed it for our outing today. We were finished hanging out at the mall and had to meet my In-Laws at Babies-R-Us. I pushed Caden out to the car and loaded up all the bags in the trunk. I then wheeled him around to load him in the front. In order to take him out and not have my stroller capsize, I have to set my diaper bag on the ground. So I did. I then loaded CBug and my stroller into the backseat, got in the front seat and headed to B-R-US. Only to get out, unpack the boy and stroller, and reach in for my new $165 diaperbag... THAT WAS NOT THERE!!! I had left it laying in the parking lot of the mall. THANK GOODNESS for the kind lady that was walking it to the mall office when I practically pounced on her!!! It had my (empty) wallet, digital camera, and CLOTH DIAPERS in it!!! I owe her alot!! (p.s. It is not easy to run through the parking lot/mall carrying a 20 lb. 6 month old. FYI)

But for some good news... It was a pretty good CDing day for us.

Even though I'm still terrified to cloth diapering while I'm out and about, I decided to give it a go again today. I packed pretty much every cloth diaper I own since we'd be in town all day. We started out in the Thirsties combo (Fab Fitted+Duo Wrap). That lasted until we got to the mall to meet my HS BFF and her son for lunch. I looked over during and saw a bright red little face. I then changed him into the Snap-Ez Eco. That one lasted until I got to Babies-R-Us (after the fiasco above.) I could smell some stink so I took him into their (disguistingly gross) bathroom. (Seriously. They didn't have changing table cover and toilet paper was everywhere but in the dispenser.) Sure enough, big ole' diaper full of poo. Snap-Ez Eco did a wonder job of holding it all in though! It only took me half an hour to get it all off my baby's behind though. :( After that it was the GroBaby with extra insert. Which actually lasted a long time. I only changed it because I changed his whole outfit. (He also has reflux. Which means constant outfit changes due to spit up.) At that time it was into the Happy Heiny he went. Just a few minutes ago he woke up screaming. I thought it might be a dirty diaper since I KNOW that he is full. HOLY COW. It was the worst diaper I have ever changed. That Happy Heiny did not fail me when it held in his gross, smelly, explosive diaherea. Something he ate today did not agree with him, it seriously was that bad. Since he seems to be having some bad pooey reactions right now, he's back in sposies for the night. I'm still working on handling the poo in CDs. :)

Overall... My day stunk (Seriously. poo is SMELLY!) but Cloth Diaper wise I was very pleased.


The Mommy Homemaker said...

So, you just announced their engagement to the world without me! Haha, wouldn't it be crazy if they did actually grow up and get married. THEY WOULD HATE US! We would be in their faces 24/7 LOL

Jamie said...

You are so much braver than I am! I've been CDing for a month and a half. I have yet to try to take my 15 month old in public with a cloth diaper! I do put him to bed in them though. I've only had a leak a couple times. And I too am still trying to deal with the poo situation. A 15 month old boy who's still teething has some pretty bad poop! Hang in there! Maybe after hearing how well you did, I might attempt to take cloth next time we venture out.

Jessica said...

Hey, I am new to CD's and let me tell you...going out in public with them is sometimes awful. But...it sounds like you did fine.
And why oh why does BRU think it is okay to be so dirty?

BabeeLove said...

Oh, I'm scared now to go out in public. I just started cd'ing like the other night and only have been doing nights since my son goes to daycare (boo). I love reading your blog. So entertaining (I don't know if that's what I meant) :)