Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday High Five

My dear JM friend does this on her post every Friday, so I'm stealing this from her! (thanks Nori!

Angela's Adventures

It's Friday High Five at

My High Five this week is Things I desperately need to do like now!:
1. The Dishes- it's to the point where all of Bugs 15,000 bottles are dirty and I keep rewashing one so that he can eat...

2. Get rid of those darn Ants!- One is crawling across Bug's playmat as I type. EW. (he's not laying on it, don't worry!)

3. Cut out and organize My Coupons- They are everywhere... I'm going to lose them... and that's like losing money.

4. Go grocery shopping- We have nothing easy to make in our house. All we have is frozen meat, sides, and candy lol. I need some good old fashion frozen pizza's that hubby can make while I'm not feeling good. (and some yummy soups for me)

5. shove some corks up my runny nose and coat the inside of my throat in honey- I just hate being sick!

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Angela said...

Funny I need to do all of those too well except the last one! Sorry you are sick and hope you get better soon! Grocery shopping ~ I must do soon if my family intends to eat! I hate it but I have definitely pushed the limits this time due to an exceptionally busy week! Don't get me started on the "ant" issue! I will be devoting an entire post to ants VERY SOON! Coupons ~ I pulled a big ole pile out to day to organize; however, they are still sitting on the counter. I hate dishes but LOVE the inventor of the dishwasher! I don't know if I could survive without it. I remember the days of washing one bottle over and over bless your heart! Thanks for joining this week! Have a great weekend!