Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Shower: Cloth Diapering

Welcome to the 1st Baby Shower on The First Time Around!

As we dive into baby products galore, I thought we'd begin with one of the biggest changes our little one will bring about... Diapering. With the first child, I didn't really weigh my options at all. Diapering was diapering... you stick whatever brand of disposable diaper you have onto your babys booty. Then I found the world of blogging... which lead to the world of cloth diapers.

Now, while I do use disposables from time to time, we are mainly a cloth diapering family. I love that it saves us tons of money (as long as I stay away from Diaperswappers and Spots Corner) and how CUTE they are! (not to mention how I'm not filling our landfills with POO!)

This week I will be posting about the different types of cloth diapers, getting diapers ready for a second child, and a few reviews and giveaways! Make sure to check back with TFTA for all your cloth diapering information!

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