Monday, July 26, 2010

kicking in...

As I'm coming into my 28th week of pregnancy, my nesting instinct is starting to kick in hardcore! I can't tell you how many hours I've spent scouring the internet checking out baby, nursery, and home items! My favorite websites?? Any where I can find all those categories at once! At I can find it all plus more!

Here's my top 6 shopping categories at!!

1. I love looking at beds, both for Caden and for hubby and I! Check these out!:

2. Children's Clothing... I'm a mom, enough said!
 3.&4. Mens Shoes and Womens Shoes... let me wipe the drool off my chin!

5. Sunglasses. My hubby is OBSESSED with sunglasses and watches... so I always make sure to check out things for him!

6. Coffee Makers. I'm going to be spending most of my night on the couch pretty soon, feeding a tiny newborn. Coffee Makers/Espresso Machines are going to be my best friend!

These are just a sampling of what has to offer... so head over there and check them out!

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Beth said...

LOVE the trundle bed. So super cute!!

I'm a new follower from MBC and would love for you to come visit me at :)