Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feels sooo GOOD...

Goodness if you had only known HOW crazy our lives have been the last couple of months! We've moved into our new home in the last couple of weeks and things are finally settled down enough that I feel comfortable getting back to the blogging world :)

That being said... I have a TON of winners to announce!!
Congrats to everyone!

Shabby Apple
Chelsea said...
follow you both

Mary Kay
1. lmurley2000 said...
i would like to have the fragrance collection first
blush set and color collection 2
body lotion and shower gel 3

2. Stephanne said...
I entered your Tiny Soles giveaway - comment 57

3. Amanda said...
I thought about this for some time and below is my order
1- eye shadow
3-body cream
Thank you this is such a nice prize My mother used mary kay for years and still uses it today

The Boys Store
Laura said...
I am a follower of both the boys store and 1sttimearound on twitter and I tweeted!

Tiny Soles
The Graves Family said...

BearPaw Boots
Crissy said...

Mabels Labels
The Mommy Homemaker said...

Celery Street
taylorUSMCwife said...
Follow both blogs!

For Your Bugaboo
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I like the brush and comb set.

Sprout Baby Food
Attila & Tamara said...
To me the Oatmeal with Roasted Cinnamon Applesauce sounds the best.

Attila & Tamara said...
Subscribe to TFTA e-mails

Attila & Tamara said...
I found your blog when I was brand new at cloth diapering and I started entering contests. I
found you through another blogger.

I also would like to announce that in late February
I will be hosting a small event for my son's FIRST birthday!!! I'm so excited! :)

Until then I will be VERY busy catching up on blog work...
including some awesome giveaways from companies such as SodaStream and Pawparazzi Pets!


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Amanda said...

Thank you for such a nice giveaway

amanda rice

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