Sunday, November 29, 2009

SANTA BABY: Baby Harrill

Santa Baby's First Christmas List for Himself!

Caden loves everything soft. Ok, well Caden doesn't care too terribly much yet, but Caden's MOMMY (<--- That's ME!!) loves every baby thing that is soft. Especially if it's greatly made and wonderfully adorable! Which is why I love Baby Harrill.


Baby Harrill offers bibs, laminate bibs, blankets, loveys, changing pads and burp clothes. Almost all of the products incorporate the gorgeous, soft minky fabric. Each item is designed and made with baby in mind, each piece is BEAUTIFUL. I especially love the Ahoy Matey Blanket, the Monkey Boy's Bib, and the Preppy Boy Burp Cloth!

Ahoy matey blanket-Monkey boy’s bib-Preppy Boy Burp Cloth-patchwork, baby, burp cloths, gifts, baby boy
The story behind Baby Harrill:
"When I was pregnant with my second child and I couldn’t find the perfect cradle and crib bumper set, I decided to make my own. I used my sewing skills (thanks mom!) and the love of design and put together something that was unique. Everyone loved them! As I rocked my own “Baby Harrill”, I started to plan. I began making diaper bags, blankets, burp cloths, and I just kept going. I then was asked by friends to make something for their baby as well as gifts to give. I kept getting the same feedback “You need to start a business”. I felt my dream was coming together. I’m happy to say it has expanded from my rocking chair to an online boutique as well as fine retail boutiques near you."
Green camo bib-
I received a Baby Harrill Minky Green Camo Bib for review purposes. First of all, it's ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. It is beautifully made, completely flawless. The minky is sooooo soft. I love it. The only fear I had when I first received it was weither or not it would absorb anything and everything I need it to :) It passed the Caden test with flying colors! It was hit with slobber, formular, and baby food... non soaked through or rolled off! I absolutely LOVE this bib, now the question is... Can I get a queen sized blanket?!?! hehe.

Check out Baby Harrill for all
of your baby Holiday shopping needs!

Mr. Santa Baby Caden
definitely gives his stamp of approval!

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