Tuesday, October 20, 2009


eyWhen someone tells you that buying cloth diapers and accessories is addicting, they are NOT lying! I have become obsessed with diapers, covers, woolies, and more! Then I saw the new Halo Technical Comfort System layette line. They just launched a line of infant clothing wicks moisture away from the skin!

I was very curious about the line, and wanted to see if it worked as a sort of diaper cover, so I contacted Halo about doing a review and giveaway. I was so excited when they said yes! I received two Halo Technical Comfort System 2 piece sets ($22.95), one in a 12 month and one in an 18 month. (Caden is in either size depending on the brand.)
Blue 2pc_playing soccer_square.jpg
About the Product (From the Halo Sleepsack site):
  • Wicks moisture away from baby's delicate skin to help prevent skin damage.
  • Quick-drying! Helps prevent rashes and bacterial colonization next to baby's skin.
  • Easy-care Coolmax® fabric is chemical free so its unique benefits will never wash out.
  • Helps keep baby cooler in warm temperatures and warmer when it's cold. And it's SPF 30+!
  • Helps increase hydration to assist in maintaining stable body temperature. Prevents the risk of dehydration through reduction of perspiration.
  • Cuff bottom pull on pants with logo waistband.
  • Machine washable and dryable with like colors.
  • Available in a rainbow of colors.
  • Made of 100% polyester.

Seriously, how awesome does this layette sound?!?!
Blue Coverall with Hat.jpg
Ohhh... Only as amazing as it is!

I was so excited when the two piece sets arrived! (And amazed at the generousity of Halo!) I was a little worried that Caden would get cold while wearing the pieces (we live in Indiana) because the fabric is pretty thin. But that didn't stop me from putting a set on Caden that night! The 12 month size fit Caden great, he even has room to grow in it! (which is GREAT since in all other brands he's been wearing size 18 month pajamas... with no room to grow!)

So I really wanted to test out the Technical Comfort System as a diaper cover since it's suppose to wick the moisture away from babies skin. So I put Caden in a snappied Bummis Organic Prefold with insert, the 12 month Halo set and put him to bed. (I wish for the night... but he's teething and waking up throughout the night:( )
LinkCaden woke somewhere around 5 to 6 hours later for a bottle. I immediately checked his clothing. His diaper was somewhat wet, not soaked but had definitely came through the prefold/insert. The pants of the Halo layette set was damp in a couple areas but no where near soaked. I took the pants off and felt his skin around the diaper and am VERY happy to report that it was dry! The Technical Comfort System definitely did it's job in keeping the moisture of my baby's skin!
(How cute is the top with my Bummis Diaper cover?!?!)
I have continued to use the two layette sets and absolutely love them! The temperature has been dropping constantly here, (I'm pretty sure we skipped Fall) but the Coolmax fabric keeps my baby warm! I love that he can stay warm without wearing a huge bulky sleeper!
(Caden's newest trick (hehe)
(Please ignore the collar... He drools on and stretches everything!)
(OHHH and the sposie. He spent the night at Gma's!)
Another thing that I love about the Halo Sleepsacks company is their SIDS Prevention work! October is SIDS Awareness Month and Halo Sleepsacks is trying to generate as much awareness as possible! They have even launched a Facebook page that features safe sleep practices! Make sure to check it out!

I received two Technical Comfort System
2 piece layette sets for the sake of the review :)

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