Tuesday, October 6, 2009


AH! It's been crazy around here the last couple of weeks! As I mentioned before, we moved last weekend. Into a smaller house. (We're building on... soon.) There's boxes and piles everywhere!

In the midst of all of this moving, Caden got his first diaper rash! I'm not quite sure what caused it. I had him in cloth diapers most of the time, but put a bit of bleach in one of the rinses for the first time ever... (I know... bad me.) He also was in sposies at my moms, and tried gdiapers inserts for the first time. I'm hoping it was the bleach rinse, as I went and striped the diapers yesterday. In the meantime I've been putting him in prefolds with two Bummis liners and lots of Desitin! (Your not suppose to use normal diaper rash creams with your cloth diapers, hence the use of liners.) Its working, the rash is almost gone!

Also, the house we moved into came with stackable washer and dryer. Well, the washer is broken so I'm using my mom's HE frontloaders until ours is fixed/or we buy a new one... which means I have to work out a whole new CD laundry routine! UGH.

Soooo does anyone have any HE Frontloader advice? Thanks in advance!!


~M said...

I don't have washing advice, but I heard that Desitin is full of chemicals. I've read that virgin coconut oil is a much better alternative (yes, like the stuff you would eat). The Passionate Homemaking blog and Eco Child's Play blogs also suggest alternative diaper rash ointments.

Emi said...

I use front loaders. What detergent do you use? Rule of thumb is just use less of a CD approved detergent for HE. I do a cold rinse then wash on heavy soiled. I have other variations, but you can visit my site for those. I'd love a top loader perspective on washing if you wanted to do a guest post ;-)

Molly said...

I use a front loading HE washer for my diapers. I do a cold normal wash with 2 tbsp of Rockin Green Hard Rock Unscented detergent. I then do a hot heavy duty wash with 2 more tbsp detergent and an extra rinse.
Some safe cloth diaper rash ointments I use are the Magic Stick and Northern Essence Rash Cream.

Anonymous said...

I have HE frontloaders, and it's pretty easy. I put the diapers in for a rinse/spin cycle, then put them in for the highest wash setting, which has a hot wash and two cold rinses built in. For the wash cycle I use about an eighth of an ounce of Allen's Naturally. It doesn't need much at all. Then throw it all in the dryer or line dry. Good luck! Also, Burt's Bees makes the best barrier cream I've ever tried: it is a zinc oxide cream ($7) but you only use a tiny bit and it rubs into the skin, so it sticks to baby's butt WAY better than huge globs of Desitin and won't mess up your diapers. We've been using it to keep a yeast rash at bay for a while now with no liners and no buildup.

Laura C


Tina said...

Here is my FL routine:
I do a quick wash cyle on cold on the permenant press cyle-which uses the most water ( I also place a wet towel in -to trick the washer to put more water in) And I push the "water plus" - its a botton that adds more water. and I do a no spin on the end of this.( ie more water for the next cyle)

Next I put it on Perm press cylce again 2 TB of Rockin Green and push stain clycle button, Hot wash , extra rinse( or sometimes I do) and the Water Plus button.
This all seems like a lot but the main idea is that with a FL you need to make sure to get ALOT of water so you have to find ways to do that so that you don't get so much leftover soap on the diapes!
Hope that helps.
If need to pick someones brain or have another question feel free to email me
engstrom.tina@ yahoo.com