Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fluff Butt: Our first CDing Excursion!

Sunday, August 31st, 2009

Last night was our first night out while CDing. I was sooo scared but decided to try it anyways. I do find it a little funny though because before I started I said that I was going to use Sposies whenever we went anywhere.

We were invited to my sister's In-Laws-to-be Hog Roast. We would be there from 7 pm until whenever we wanted to leave. Everything was outside, so no changing table, no trash cans, no sinks. I wanted the diaper to last for awhile so I put Caden in a Thirsties Fab Fitted, Thirsties, Duo Wrap and extra insert. I know that this combo last through the night so I figured it would last a few hours at the party. I packed another Thirsties Combo to put on for his night diaper and a Snap-Ez Eco with an extra insert just in case. I have not gotten my wet-bags yet so I also packed my Sassy Brand disposable scented diaper bags.

Thank goodness that I packed that extra Snap-Ez Eco because about half an hour after we arrived I smelled some stink. Caden had decided it was time to pooey. (while I was trying to eat also.) So I changed him into the Snap-Ez Eco and stuck the dirty one into a scented bag.

Later that night (around 10:30 p.m.) I decided to change him into his overnight diaper just to be on the safe side. I HAD FORGOTTEN AN EXTRA OUTFIT, so I had to make sure he didn't leak! The Snap-Ez Eco was just a little wet, not soaked at all. I also stuck that one into a seperate scented baggie.

He fell asleep shortly after that. When we got home, I just threw the scented baggies into the diaper pail and off to bed we went.

All-in-all, the night was a success. I was very surprised at how easy it turned out being. Really no different than if we were using disposables. (Especially when we go to the doctors, since we can't throw our diapers away there anyways!) I definitely will not hesitate using cloth diapers when we're out anymore!

p.s. The thirsties leaked later on that night/morning. I don't know why though? Maybe because he was in it longer than normal? He ended up sleeping until 10:30 am!

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