Friday, September 11, 2009

Fluff Butt: The first few days

I've been very busy the last couple of days because
I started NANNYING 2 days a week!
I watch sweet little Asher every
Thursday and Friday.
He's a very good baby!
(I'll have to ask his mommy if I can post pictures!)

That being said, Caden has been in and out of disposables (sposies) for the last couple of days. :(
My husband, Z, watches Caden on Thursdays while my mom, Queen C, watches him on Fridays. Both have said no to cloth diapering. I think I will bring Z around since CBug is in CDs all day and night when I'm home. I think he will see how easy it is, as long as I stuff the pockets and have everything ready! I'll keep you all updated on if I was able to convert him.

Whenever I'm home I've tried to keep him in CDs. The only night he was not in them was Thursday night when all the diapers were soaking wet in the washer! The first day we had quite a few leaks due to A. not being prepped enough and B. leaving him in them for too long. I've realized that I really need to check his diaper more often now.

Last night he was in a GroBaby and doubler from around 9 pm last night until 9 am this morning. When I went to bed around 1 am last night he was still dry. This morning he was wet, and had leaked, but it was not SOAKED... the diaper and the sheet underneath him were just a little damp. I think I may try it again with a different doubler.

It's now early afternoon and Caden is in a Fuzzibunz taking a nap. We'll see how it survives. I put him in it probably 10 minutes before I put him down. He also wore a Happy Heiny earlier, which held up very well! It wore it for a few hours and even did a #2! No Leaks!

We've also added 5 more diapers to the stash! We received the Kushies Ultra-lite Toddler size pack yesterday. They are being prepped as we speak!

Check back for an update on how it's all going!!

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Jacklen Taylor said...

Try a fleece soaker, especially overnight. I use them over fitteds of course but we actually use them even over pockets. Prefer fleece to PUL covers ANY day!

My DS is a supersoaker and sleeps 12-14 hours sometimes. We use fuzzi bunz, super stuffed, with a fleece soaker. Never a wet bed!