Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fluff Butt: Diving right in!

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

I started cloth diapering (CDing) last night. I have 9 diapers, which included:
-1 Fuzzibunz
-2 Thirsties Fab Fitted Diapers
-2 Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers
-2 Thirsties Hemp Inserts
-1 Babyland
-1 Happy Heinys
-1 Snap-Ez Eco
-1 Drybees
-1 GroBaby
-1 Nubunz

I had all of these diapers, but I had no clue what to do with them! My good friend Holly (from The Cloth Diaper Experiment) invited us over for a Cloth Diaper Prepping Party. We hung out all day while the diapers were in the wash. (A prepping post will follow soon!)

At the end of the afternoon I had 8 diapers (I forgot the Drybees...) ready to go! I was all set to start the next day. But when I got home... I COULDN'T WAIT! Even though I've heard horror stories of trying to find a nighttime diaper that worked, I decided to start that night. I put Caden in a Thirsties Fab Fitted diaper and Duo Wrap Cover with an extra insert. I crossed my fingers, said a little prayer, and put Caden to bed. (Caden sleeps through the night, so I knew there would be no nighttime changes.)I woke up to Caden's coo's this morning and immediately felt beneath him. No moisture! I felt the cover. Also no moisture. I took the cover off... and the diaper and insert were soaked! I had to check with friends to make sure that's how it was suppose to be... and it was! YAY! The Thirsties had done their job and Caden had made it through the night... dry! We have found our night-time diaper on the first try!I will be cloth diapering him today, trying out new ones with each diaper change! Make sure to check back for more posts to see how everything is going!! (I will also try each different brand of diaper out at night! Just to be fair!!!)


GypsyFox The Glamorous Betty Crocker said...

you'll have to keep me posted on this the moment I have 2 in diapers (my daughter is almost [potty-trained) but it's been hard! lol

Pink Haired Momma said...

i did not cloth diaperr baby DIVA but i did think about it. I am very interested in doing it with baby number two in the future (hoping 2010 for baby 2). Keep us posted on your adventures and I will be taking notes!