Monday, August 31, 2009

REVIEW: LittleMissMatched

I recently was given the opportunity to work with LittleMissMatched.
Such a cute company with wonderfully AWESOME products! They have everything that you could ever think you need!
Check out their Bed In a Bag sets! It includes 1 reversible comforter, 2 half and half sheets (how cool is that!!!), 3 reversible pillowcases, and a bed skirt. They have every room accersory available to match and come in sizes twin, full and queen. At prices of $90-$110 (depending on size) with free shipping, it's not bad at all! I just wish that I had a little girl, or even two, so that I can decorate their room with this set! (And don't even get me started on the furniture they offer. You can have a completely LittleMissMatched room!!)
I also love their clothing lines! They offer womans, mens, boys and girls, AND infants! Everything is SOO colorful! My favorite part? Anything that has pairs (ex: socks, gloves, ect) comes in 3 completely different patterns with the same color palate! That way if you lose one, you still have another that (sorta) matches!

We received the baby socks Mixter 1-9. There is 9 different dark orange, light orange, blue, and green socks in different patterns to mix and match. The patterns in this set are stripes and dinorsaurs. Very boyish for my little man! Such a great product when you live in a house full of boys. Especially now that Z is watching CBug on Thursdays ALL BY HIS SELF! I can just tell him to dress him in whatever and that the socks are in the (super cute) dispensor on Caden's dresser! I also love that the socks are non-skid (great for when Caden decides he wants to walk) and they are soo soft! They are 200 needle count, meaning super soft and made to last!

We are super impressed with LittleMissMatched and can't wait to order some new items from them! I really want to get Cade this SUPER CUTE kimono set (currently marked down to $15!)!!
ALSO make sure to check out their flipflops! They are only $5 while supplies last! (originally $16!)


Stephanne said...

I love flip flops! I also got the coveralls and hat for Nolan in the same pattern as that Kimono. Too cute!!

kaydee said...

love the flip flops too--also the! am from follow me club at and love your blog and its look

Momma Such said...

Very cute!
Cade is such a little doll! :)