Saturday, August 22, 2009

Review: FlexFlops

I LOVE shoes. LOVE them. As in "surf the internet, drool over them, and then find someway to own them." Heels, boots, sandals, flip flops, tennies. ANY KIND!

So I was very excited to get the opportunity to review something new in the shoe world, FLEXFLOPS!
LinkWhy was I so excited? Well not only because they are shoes, but because they offer emergency comfort from shoes (heehee). Although I LOVE shoes, and I love heels, I'm not very good at wearing them. I collect stilletos but have maybe clocked in 24 hours in each pair. No that does not mean I've only worn them for 24 hours. It means that I wore them for 1 hour and then decided my feet were KILLING me 24 times. Normally when that happens I go barefoot or run into the closest store to buy the cheapest pair of flippies I can find.

NOT ANYMORE now that I've found FlexFlops! These super cute sandals fold in half into their own little case! So easy to slip them into your purse for emergency heel use or even for when you get a pedicure! They come in many different colors, 3 different fabrics (twill, terry, and ), and with or without bling! Each pair also comes with a matching case.
I was sent the Pedicure Please pair in white terry for use while at BlogHer! What a lifesaver, cus you KNOW that I tried to wear heels while I was with the girls and baby-less! I guess my feet did not get the memo because even my mild kitten heels made my toes whine! It was sooo easy to whip them out and relax my feet! They're super cute, comfy, and with prices starting at $18.00 they are affordable!(My sis needs these for her wedding next July!!!)

"Stacey Kirsch is a Los Angeles based shoe designer who began her career during her post-graduate program in product development at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. One night out, she witnessed her friend's ditch their fabulous and painful 4" heels to walk barefoot. The girls were unfazed by the sticky floors, broken glass and overall grime under their feet. Kirsch set out to solve this epidemic of footwear emergencies. She thought about how great it would be to have an "emergency" pair of flip-flops, for last minute pedicures, spa, travel and tired feet...And the rest as they say is history. "
(How cute is this?!?! Makes me want a child old enough to go to camp!)

I love them, celebs love them, my sisters loved them, and I know that YOU ALL will love them too!

(I will be posting pictures tomorrow :( I forgot my camera at my Mom's!!)

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