Friday, July 3, 2009

This week... On Bargain Hunters~

Here are a couple of good deals that I found this week!

Today, at Krogers, I was in the baby section and saw that they had NUK sippy cups Buy One Get One Free at $6.78. I tried my $3 off NUK bottles coupons (from Gerber mailers) and they worked! So I got 2 NUK sippy cups for $.78!!

Also, I was at Walgreens the other day and happened to pass by a Clearance Rounder that had 4 Similac Advance Containers for $5.74 each! These were the 23 oz ones! I used four of the $5 Similac checks (from Similac mailers) and got them for $.74 each! Thats somewhere around a 96% savings!

So, if you have a young one and a Krogers or Walgreens near by, GO CHECK IT OUT!

1 comment:

Holly Sample said...

My Walgreens didn't have the Similac but I'll have to check at Kroger for the sippy cups! Thanks!