Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tara totally Rocked my Blog!

If you've visited my blog at all since yesterday afternoon you should have noticed a HUGE difference! (if you haven't visited, get your butt over here and check me out!) "Why?!?!", you ask? BECAUSE I'M SUPER PRETTY NOW! and it's all thanks to Tara over at Blog Makeovers By Tara!
Blog Makeovers by Tara
Goodness Gracious, this girl rocks! I had such a great time working with her, she kept me updated every single step of the way.
I started out by picking out a design kit that I liked
and filled out a form on her site.
She then contacted me with any questions that I didn't answer on the form,
asked me what I had in mind,
helped me on a few things that I had no clue how to do,
and gave me an estimate on when everything would be done.

She even sent me a testblog link THREE times along the way, so that I could see the progress and okay everything!

One of the coolest, and most important, thing to me was that it only took 3 days start to finish. This included: shooting emails back and forth on ideas,
a day off for Tara to become a landed immigrant in Canada (CONGRATS GIRL!),
and installation!

I can't say enough about working with Tara, or her work. Really, It speaks for itself and it says "Freaking Awesome!!"
Blog Makeovers by Tara
Check out all of her work, design kits, and deals at Blog Makeovers by Tara.
Just enter The First Time Around in the additional information area of the order form!

SO take a look around, click on the new links, add my new BUTTON to your blog, and let me know in the comments what you think about it all! (Really I want to know your honest opinions! Do you love it/hate it/ think it's okay? or Did I miss anything?)


A Giveaway Everyday said...

Looks gorgeous!!! Love it!

Kimberly Kihega said...

She is awesome! I hosted a giveaway for her last month. Love your new look!

Nori D said...

Looks great! Beautiful actually! Ima think of Tara when I finally decide to take the plunge.

rockinellagrace said...

I love it, looks fabulous!!

Sweet Serendipity said...

Wow, your blog looks great. Congrats on the makeover. Well done!