Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, i AM faithful...

A dear "mommy playroom" friend of mine asked her blog followers to fill out this and link it back to her site... (you see, this wonderful "internet friend" is also the one who inspired me to start my blog in the first place... so I owe her alot :) )

SOOO this is for you Ms. Nori! (

How many kids do you have?
1 beautiful baby boy

One thing you love about being a mom?
the way he watches me, smiles at me, and talks to me... (somehow its different than when he does those things to other people lol kwim?) and the thought that he'll be MY little boy forever.

One thing about motherhood that you can do without?
His screaming habit... He really only does it when he's hungry and wants his food NOW!

One thing you absolutely love about your husband/partner?
How he is with Caden. I dont think that I really expected him to "take an interest" while Caden was in his baby stage.

One thing you just can't stand about him? (don't worry, it could be a behavior, physical attribute, anything).
He's super stubborn

Why do you just LOVE blogging?
It's a great outlet, I get to meet such amazing people, and I get to learn about and bring my readers some pretty cool products!)

Why do you feel blessed right this minute?
Just with my family in general. I love being a mommy, being married to my Hubbers, and being close with my parents and siblings.

What is friggin' annoying you at the moment?
My messy house.

Favorite part of the day?
The mornings. Caden usually wakes up and is sssssuuuppperr happy. Such a smiley little boy. I then feed him, burp him, and lay him on his playmat. He could lay there and play forever lol! And I get things done!

One thing you're good at (I'm no prude. R-rated answers apply. Heck, even X-rated. I don't care. Just answer the question).
I'm a good artist. drawing and photography are my favorites! (betch you didnt know that one huh?) Yep, I'm actually an art major! (and received scholarships for it!) ok, done tooting my own horn lol.

Your most prized possession (materialistic).
My Computer! (hello it brought my here! lol)
my pictures. if the house was burning down, I would run around grabbing all the pictures.

What's your favorite thing to see/read in other people's blogs?
Funny but real stories

Favorite tv show?
The Secret Life
How I met Your Mother
Bonnie Hunt Show (lol)

What is your biggest pet peeve?
having to clean hehe
bad drivers

Share a favorite picture. Why is it your favorite?
I love this picture, even though I'm all gross and swollen from just having a baby, But it was our first Family Picture, and it marks a new stage in my life, a beginning, THE FIRST TIME AROUND


rockinellagrace said...

Hey Cassidy! thanks for stopping by my blog! The layout is from TCBOTB and I got my button from So dazzling blogs and the banner I made myself! :)

yonca said...

What a nice picture! I'm following you now. (From MBC Follow Me Club) Have a great evening!

Pink Haired Momma said...

What a beauitful family picture! You look great! We have one like this and my face is all swollen and red from birth and the mag i received during labor!!!

jdaniel4smom said...

Stopping by checking out your blog. I just started one and am looking at other sites to see how they are set up.

I enjoyed visiting yours. This is a great site.

Please stop by mine

Anonymous said...

This is just crazy but I found your blog through a tweet from Rockin Green so I thought I would check it out... I got to this page and saw the pic of your family, and realized, our husbands went to high school together. Max will be so glad to hear that we are not the only ones using cloth!!!!