Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am Going!!!

Well its official! Holly (The Cloth Diaper Experiment) and I are going to the BlogHer Convention in Chicago next weekend! Well actually we've got tickets to LobbyCon (we were late in even finding out about it!) but its almost the same lol! Anywho, we've got our tickets, booked our hotel, and thinking about what to pack!

Now I need to go buy some business cards!!!!!!

Type-A MOMfluence is hosting the biggest Sitewarming party ever while we're there and you can bet your life that you'll find me there!!
They are also giving away a scholarship to someone who is already going to help with expenses!
I hope I win!!!

Are you going? Leave me a comment! I'm always up for meeting other bloghers!

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GypsyFox said...

WOW congrats that is so super awesome!