Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BlogHer: Like Prom only Worse... hehe

If you've been following me for more than a few days now, you would know that I will be attending the BlogHer conference in Chicago this week. I am now at T minus 31ish hours and I cannot wait to hit the dusty trail. ( well I guess, NO I know, it's not dusty but come one now...)

As you can imagine, being as obsessive about anything that I'm excited about, I have spent countless hours thinking about what to do, wear, pack, ect. I would say it has taken over my being, lol.

Before I show you what I'm packing so far, I need some insight. Especially from anyone who has been there/is going to BlogHer. My question is about changing outfits. (This will probably be done multiple times a day by me ;) ) OK, the thing is, the last session of the day ends RIGHT before the official BlogHer cocktail party. Do you wear what you plan to wear to the cocktail party to the last session? Or do you run and get ready, and arrive fashionably late?!?! I don't want to miss anything exciting... bbbuttt I want to look HOT!

Leave me a comment if you have any suggestions, because I need to know!

Ok now, on to the good stuff... My Outfits. Let me know what you think... Cute? Appropriate? Unappropriate? Too Fancy? Too Casual? I WANT TO KNOW! (ohhhh...What, you want to borrow it? maybe....)


Outfits #3-8 SATURDAY DAY
(I haven't decided hehe)

Outfits #9-10
(I will wear one of the jean outfits to BowlHer if we go!)



rockinellagrace said...

You are going to look stunning!! Love the dresses.

The Mommy Homemaker said...

I like the blue one! hehe But that is because I helped you pick it out!

Andrea said...

All of your dresses/outfits are stunning!!

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