Friday, May 29, 2009

The Beginning of The First Time Around...

You may be asking why, Cass, why did you title your blog "The First Time Around"?
well... let me explain!

I have had so many first in the last year... so many that I feel like I am a whole new person.
Since May 29th of 2008 I have (for the first time):
~Became a Wife
~Became a Mother
~Been in charge of all of my own finances/bills
~Learned about couponing/began to change my life to living frugally
~Became a SAHM (for now)

I consider all of these large life changes and this blog was created to tell my stories along the way.

In this blog you will find my tidbits, thoughts, pictures, good deals, coupon strategies, stories, and anything else i can (and will) think of. So read, maybe enjoy, and leave me a comment or two!

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Nori D said...

Hi, its me Nori, from JM =) Great job so far, and thanks for sharing all the info on the freebies. I have a feeling you're on to something really great here ; ) Good luck!